How will
you shape
the future?

Command mighty Exosuits, traverse the Time Rifts and lead your Path through a cataclysmic future in this epic board game for 1-4 players

The Story

0 PP - The Day of Purgation

Memories of the day the Old World met its fate are now mostly lost to the centuries, but what we do know is that out of nowhere, a mysterious, cataclysmic explosion shook a desolate part of South America that day. The resulting tectonic fissures, tsunamis and storms wiped out the majority of Earth’s population in weeks, and warped most of the planet’s surface into an uninhabitable wasteland. The explosion’s origin remained unknown to the survivors. A new era has begun.

20 PP - Sun’s Breach

The dust clouds blocking out the sun finally begin to settle. Around the world, survivors emerge from underground shelters in search for habitable zones and fresh water.

77 PP - Foundation of the Capital

Earth’s largest survivor group, now exceeding ten thousand people in number, form the Scions’ Fellowship. With years of hard work, they establish a foothold along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, with a basic water purifying system and a mine to supply them with building materials. The circumstances are finally given for the foundation of New Earth’s first city, the one that would eventually become the majestic World Capital.

120 PP - Expeditions on New Earth

As the Capital is nearing completion, the Scions’ Fellowship organize into a functioning society. Its governing body, the World Council, declares unifying New Earth’s survivors as the Fellowship’s primary goal. Expeditions are launched to the devastated cities of the Old World in search for usable technology. The Council’s goal is to set up a way to communicate their presence to the survivors scattered across the Outback, and rally them at the Capital.

144 PP - Discovery of Wellspring

An expedition unit discovers an area protected by volcanic mountain ranges where the flora and fauna mysteriously survived the Day of Purgation and its consequences. They name the area Wellspring, and bring word of its existence to the Capital. Through hearsay, Wellspring slowly becomes a coveted, mythical paradise among the population. Led by the commander of the scouting party, the Harmonists, a separatist group, become so obsessed with the ideal of nature that they secretly plan to shake off the Council’s authority and migrate to Wellspring.

151 PP - The Convocation

The expeditions gradually unveil the Old World’s incredible technological achievements. A functional prototype of an anti-gravity field generator allow the construction of huge floating platforms for the Capital’s further expansion, and satellite systems provide a way for the Council to initiate the Convocation project, and broadcast their message to survivors around the world.

160 PP - Rise of the Savants

The Savants, a small, self-proclaimed group of Scions are becoming increasingly obsessed with the Old World’s technology, and insist that it should be used for the Fellowship’s own progress instead of inviting more survivors to the Capital.

172 PP - The Migration

The Convocation attracts survivors in much greater numbers than the Council anticipated - and not only defenseless nomads looking for shelter. Calling themselves Redeemers, emissaries from a mysterious survivor group that allegedly hasn’t left its underground shelter since the Purgation begin spreading their unsettling religious views among the population.

179 PP - The Atlantean’s Arrival

Another group answers the Convocation, from an unexpected direction: a gigantic ship with thousands of survivors arrives from the Atlantic, and docks near the Capital. It quickly becomes clear that these survivors’ intentions are hostile, and an armed conflict between the Capital and the Atlantean erupts. As a desperate – and belated - measure, the Council abandons the Convocation project and shuts down the satellite signal. The war with the Atlanteans ends by 181 PP with a stalemate and an uneasy truce, with dozens of Scion hostages on the Atlantean.

185 PP - The Exodus

Overpopulation, attrition and internal dissension push the Capital’s society to the brink of a civil war. With mankind’s future at stake again, the Council organizes a summit with the captain of the Atlantean, and leaders of the Harmonists, Savants and Redeemers. The summit concludes that the only way to solve the crisis is to let all factions walk their own Path, outside of the Council’s authority. The factions agree to repeat the summit yearly, with each of them having influence in decisions of the Capitol’s future. Powerless against their demands, the Council agrees.

The Harmonists finally set off to Wellspring, their “promised land”, becoming the Path of Harmony.

The Path of Dominance sails off with Atlantean, in search of new settlements to plunder.

The Savants, the Capital’s finest scientist and engineers, leave the city on one of its floating platforms, with advanced Old World technology at their disposal. As the Path of Progress, they plan to become the next step in human evolution.

Finally, the masses converted by the Redeemers set off to their underground realm, walking the Path of Salvation.

190- 240 PP - The Age of Prosperity

Living separately and in a fragile peace, the four Paths all begin to prosper in their own way. The Capital recovers from the crisis, and the Council regains power as a global peacekeeping entity between the four Paths.

246 PP - Discovery of Neutronium

The first expeditions to the desolate Ground Zero of the Day of Purgation reveal a thick layer of unknown material left behind in the wake of the explosion. The material is light, but extremely durable. When exposed to energy such as heat, its atomic structure changes and the material becomes very well-moldable. Neutronium, as the new material is called, is used as building material for the most prestigious projects.

293 PP - Construction of the Monuments

In accordance with the Paths’ representatives, the Council orders the construction of five Monuments to commemorate the coming 300th anniversary of the Day of Purgation – one for each Path, and one for the Capital itself. These monuments, constructed entirely of Neutronium, would represent the Paths’ common origins despite of their differences.

300 PP - Day of Reminiscence

In celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Day of Purgation, delegations of the four Paths gather at the World Capital, but instead of remembrance, they witness humanity’s most life-changing event since the Purgation. Time Rifts from the future open on the monuments that day, revealing the true power of the mysterious Neutronium: when exposed to energy, it is capable of opening wormholes through time. A grim message from our future makes us realize that the Purgation was the result of the first of such wormholes, transferring back the energy of the catastrophic future impact of a Neutronium asteroid. This impact can devastate not only our past, but also our future. With such a threat on the horizon, we must do everything to prepare – and survive.